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Reiki stands for Life Energy ( Rei = Life ,Spirit or Universal; Ki = Energy )

It is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist form of healing, rediscovered by a Japanese theology professor in the 19th century. It is a hands – on form of healing which tackles the cause, not just the symptoms, healing the whole person , body, mind and spirit.

It was introduced to the West in the 1970’s, it is becoming increasingly popular as a complementary therapy. It can be practised on oneself, unlike other forms of hands- on therapy. Also unlike other forms of healing, Reiki energy comes from its universal source not from the individual. There is an unlimited supply so the therapist does not use his or her own energy.

Because the energy channelled by Reiki has been shown to give over 50% better results, Reiki is not only used as a therapy on its own, it is increasingly learnt by healers and practitioners if other therapies to enhance their work.

Reiki is not a religion and works whatever ones beliefs are. It is not faith healing as children, animals and even plants respond to it. There are no harmful side effects. There is no need for diagnosis : Reiki heals the cause. Reiki cannot clash with any other treatment.

The Attunement Process:

Unlike most other methods Reiki is not “ taught”. It is passed on by an ancient and precise attunement process preformed by a Reiki Master.

This attunement changes one’s vibrational level and that of the aura by “ rewiring” the subtle energy channels through transmission of Ki energy and the use of sacred symbols. The attunement process opens the crown, heart, and palm Chakras, energy flows through the crown, down the spine and into the palms of the hands. Specific Reiki symbols are placed into the crown and palm Chakras and the whole process is carefully sealed in the DNA. The procedure is performed by the Reiki Master but controlled by the Universal intelligence and attended and guided by astral Reiki Guides. Your vibratory level is increased further by giving Reiki regularly to yourself and to others. Once Reiki is activated by an attunement it is always with you.

What you can do with Reiki:

  • Channel healing energy both to yourself and to others.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Works on cause of illness.
  • Provide relief for both chronic and acute conditions.
  • Reduce and sometimes eliminates the need for medication.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Aid recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Inner peace, increased energy, expands creativity, positive changes come into your life, develops positive attitude, enhances personal growth, a total feeling of well being.

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