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A definition of Mediumship is contact and communication with Spirit, through various methods, including; intuitive, physical and trance. The object to communicating with Spirit is to bring understanding that we continue existing after death, even if our bodies die; and to enable Spirit to let us know their feelings and to give messages to us. We also ask as Spirit comes through that 'prove' who they say they are. Some Mediums will get names, relationship connections, addresses etc.

No Medium can guarantee that contact will be made with the Spirit you are trying to reach. Spirit are independent beings and do not just come on demand. Usually, if you have been thinking hard about a person in Spirit, or if you get a feeling of that person around you, then often they will try for contact this way. Sometimes the Spirits who contact you are not friends or relatives you have known in this life time. We all have people who are in Spirit who are friends who wish to help us. There are also relatives you may never have known, a Grand parent or Great Grand parent, or even a sibling who passed away at birth, or before you were born.

There are the different ways that we can contact Spirit:

Intuitive Mediumship : When the Medium can sense the person is with them, and gives messages through clairvoyance (seeing), and clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling). This is the most common way of Mediumship.

Trance Mediumship: When the Medium 'withdraws themselves' consciously, and lets a person in Spirit talk through them. This can be done while the Medium is partially conscious or unconscious, and this is very much like 'channelling' which tends to be a rather 'new-age' word which covers what traditionalists would call trance work but encompasses much more.

Physical Mediumship: When Spirit, through Mediumship, can physically make things happen such as making solid objects move or making them appear or disappear. Another kind of Physical Mediumship involves a person who can manifest Spirit through ectoplasm, which is to actually have the Spirit appear so that others can see them, and in some cases feel and talk with the apparition. This is a fairly rare branch of Mediumship, but one which has a large amount of documentation around it.

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