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Book Reviews

Born Knowing - by John Holland

A mediums acount of what it was like to be 'born knowing'. He gives an honest account of his life to date and living with his psychic gifts. john had a difficult childhood. instead of being interested in sports cars like other boys of age, he read metaphysical books on dreams, ghosts and theological studies. John felt isolated and alone in his childhood, unable to discuss with his parents or friends about - s psychic abilities. They would make fun of him and ridicule him because they did not understand. He was 'different'. John Holland as a child knew about different things before they happened. He could 'see' feel and would know that 'others' spirits were their helping him through his childhood. John knew there was another part of life that most other children and adults around him didn't experience or know about. Spirit people would walk around his bedroom, talking to him, making him feel safe and protected.

After a near fatal automobile accident when he lived in Los Angeles John had an experience known as a Kundalini Awakening - when all the chakras open. After which John went to England for two years. He lived in Bristol and it was not long before he started making enquiries about where there was a Spiritualist Church
in Bristol of which there were ten. Friends were made at this Spiritualist Church he attended. He joined a development circle knowing that sitting with like minded people would help him develop his abilities.
John Holland went to train at the Arthur Findley College, at Stansted Hall, Standsted, England. The Arthur Findley College is a College for development of your psychic abilities. John refers to the college as "The Spirit Boot Camp".

Throughout his book John gives details of his 'readings' with clients and the difference it has made to their lives.

This is a book that will make some people 'connect' with John's childhood and the loneliness of 'knowing'.
A book that will be read and re-read by many people as they are helped to realise their own psychic ability and their own sometime painful spiritual path.

Spirit Messenger - by Gordon Smith

In his book Spirit Messenger, Gordon Smith (the seventh son of a seventh son) talks about his psychic journey from childhood to the present day.

Gordon explains the moment that changed his life forever, and how he felt something was very wrong, when the apparition of his close friend Brian Pebbles appeared to dissolve through the bedroom floor. Following an urge to switch on the radio he heard that a fire had swept through a West End flat in Glasgow. His friend Brian Pebbles had died in the tragic fire.

In the days that followed Gordon experienced a tidal wave of psychic phenomena that had been suppressing since childhood. Gordon was urged to find a good development circle and allow his gift of clairvoyance to surface and sat in circle for the next six years.

Full of humour, Gordon retells stories and encounters with spirit, and valuable lessons that he has learnt on his journey. There are testimonials in the book of people who have sought help after loved ones have passed on, sometimes in tragic circumstances.

He can cite countless cases of his encounters with animals on the spirit side and believes the once the precious life giving spark of spirit enters into an animal be it a much loved cat, goldfish, budgerigar, name it what you will - nothing, not even death, can vanquish it. Spirit is indestructible, no matter whatits form. And that come the day when we pass on, our much loved pets will also be there to greet us with a wagging tail or warm and gentle purr of delight.

"Yes, on the Other Side, the lion truly shall lie down with the lamb....." Gordon talks about life after death, trance, guides and teaching, and his times spent working abroad. "A medium's soul is much like that of the artist or musician. When you are in the flow of your craft, everything about you comes to life. There is a wonderful sense of magic about you and what you do. It feels as if you are creating beauty in the form of healing souls whose hearts have been broken in two."

Gordon Smith is a remarkable man who cares about people. His gift of mediumship is used with meaning, love and compassion.

A truly wonderful book.

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