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Animal Healing

Amongst all the complementary therapies available today, perhaps the one thatís caught peopleís imaginations the most is animal healing - so many people love their animals more than people today.

Animal healing comes naturally to me and I have been working with it now for many years. We see many animals of all sizes as people have all sorts of unusual animals as well as their cats and dogs.

Wild ones and domestic ones Ė as a healer, that first question should be ďDoes it bite?Ē and the owner will say, ďNo, neverĒ and guess what? They tell porkies, as itís quite often the case they do bite and thatís not what you are there for!

animal healing horse and foal
dog cat animal healing

The most powerful way of reaching any animal is to send it distant/absent healing. Thatís when we use a thought or prayer to reach them. It doesnít matter where they are in the world or what time it is, they will be reached. Most healers have a healing book where you can put the name down of the animal requiring healing.

The healer should take into consideration if the animal can travel, as often, due to its illness, it will make the condition worse. Please remember if you are having the healer visit you, it will take time for them to travel.

As a healer, I do the laying on of hands if possible, as this way gives me an opportunity to feel the animal, allowing me to become aware of its condition. If itís in pain, I also talk to it in my mind, telepathically. This gives me more information to pass onto its owner.

It can be very strong at times when you feel in your body what the animal is feeling. Often the owners are very surprised and pleased to hear what you have to share.

When itís a wild animal, the healer often likes to see but not necessarily touch it. Even working this way, the healer becomes very aware of what is happening with the animal and learns to remove those feelings from their own body quickly.

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with animals. The environment they are kept in. Can the healer get out of the way of the animal quickly if needs be? The lay of the land, is it uneven? So many things to take into consideration at all times.

Some healers will work just with animals, as thatís their forte. I canít say I blame them as animals respond to healing twice as well as humans. They have no barriers.

I feel it is important when you first get your animal to plan what you will do with it when it passes away. Think about this, as when that time comes we cannot think due to our grief. Sometimes we have to make that really difficult decision to allow our animals to pass and thatís when the healer can also make a real difference. Giving the animal healing to ease their transition.

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